Regional Delegate

I would like to do a better job of providing information and passing on the vast information I learn when attending the SZF (Southern Zonal Forum). I am willing to travel to the different area's to present some of the information I gather. I feel this would better inform members of NA about issues/problems and solutions as well as to further the idea of unity throughout this region. I am at a loss as to how to best get this process going. I could attend a different area each month to provide requested information, or I could attend area functions and provide information at the events, as a side event/presentation, or as a main focus. I am open to any idea's or suggestions as to how to better carry the messages I receive when doing service. Some idea's/suggestions for workshops/topics include: dealing with disruptive members in meetings, working on the tradition workbook and gathering input for this project, how to address people on DRT (Drug Replacement Therapy), how to chair meetings, how to be an effective GSR/RCM/ or other service body member.,,,etc. we have covered a lot of different topics and even if we haven't covered a particular topic, I probably have access to materials addressing your topics of interest. Any idea's are welcome. I am a trusted servant and often feel under utilized as a resource to this region.